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"It's like Google News
plus team of research assistants"

- Joe S., Content Director, Slingshot

Resonance replaces endless feeds of news with machine learning that filters by attention, relevance, and engagement. It's an AI-powered research assistant that keeps you and your teams informed of what matters in your industry.





Search with the full URL of an article or YouTube video to discover similar content and aggregate social attention. Analyze your own, your competitors', or industry news to spot trends and opportunities.


Sort articles by Relevance, Date, Engagement or Potential to trend. Use dynamic topic detection to zoom in on what's happening within related stories, or get an market snapshot with trending themes.


Curate important and engaging stories to your social media in half the time. You can also share a link directly to the Resonance dashboard to keep your team informed.


Save your search and get notified of new relevant stories as they're published. Get personalized news alerts by email, Slack, or RSS.



Analyze any URL to understand it's context and impact on social media.

Visualize trends emerging over time to spot strategic opportunities.

Mine the audience engaging with articles on any topic for insights.

Compare your work to popular competing content for inspiration.

Track topics and stories as they rise and fall in public awareness.

Find the top hashtags when sharing related content.

Analyze competitor content & audiences to optimize your strategy...

Who Uses Resonance?

"I absolutely love this. It's an invaluable resource for trends and content creation research... I feel like I've only scratched the surface of what it can do."
-Theresa H, writer, content strategist

PR and Content Creators

• Find content on any topic
• Monitor brands & competitors
• Spot trends & opportunties
• View social metrics on any URL

Sales and Research

• Mine industry news for intelligence
• Find prospects by what they read
• Research leads & their industries
• Collaborate on research via Slack™

Publishers & Editors

• Build loyalty with news alerts
• Monitor other publishers
• Create & monitize audience data
• Access data with the MarketChorus API

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Texas small business gets a lifeline: Up to $10 million with no collateral and loan forgiveness

  • Create a custom email alert about SBA disaster loan news as articles are published by Dallas area news providers.
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MarketWatch: Biotech stocks have held up better than the broader market — and these five are potential winners

  • Get Slack alerts about the most engaged biotech investment news on social platforms.
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YouTube: COVID-19 | Corona Virus: Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, Diagnostics

  • Use a 50 minute YouTube presentation on Covid-19 to find the most related current news from top-tier providers.
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