Artificial Intelligence: The Rise Of Marketing Machines

As Harry Crane – the man responsible for the introduction of the IBM System/360 – understood, the genie never goes back in the bottle. The choice is simple: get with the programme or become obsolete. Disrupt, or be disrupted.

From the article “Artificial intelligence: the fall of the Mad Men and the rise of the machines” on The Drum.

“Disrupt, or be disrupted.”

Words to live by…

We’re in the disruption business here at MarketChorus, but you can’t have been coding for long without having seen the kind of seismic shifts new technology can cause to an industry.

From one era to the next, technology and competition weave together, driving us ever forward. In the wake of all this change are jobs, families, and economies.

We used to fear factories closing and now we fear globalization and automation but the threat is essentially the same. Yet, there’s no slowing down the future…better to embrace the change.

Modern marketers are the human operators of complex digital machinery, increasingly powered by artificial intelligence. Part data scientist, part creative, part storyteller; marketers wear many hats and use many tools.

Just as the mad men of advertising were replaced, the cowboys (and cowgirls) of the pioneer days of digital marketing are artifacts of an earlier time.

Welcome to our cyberpunk future, a world of human-machine hybrids building businesses on blood, sweat, and code.

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Source: Artificial Intelligence: The Rise Of Marketing Machines

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