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Social Intelligence Data-as-a-Service

In this fast evolving world, you need timely intelligence to effectively reach your key audiences (buyers, investors, constituents, etc).

MarketChorus develops a Persona of your desired audience and then finds & tracks people matching that profile on social media, delivering you regular intelligence reports in your preferred format or via API integration.

We’ll work with you to profile your target audience (e.g. CEOs in Health Tech) and identify behaviors which can be used to find them on social media.

Our machine learning technology crawls social media in search of people matching your Persona and mines their timelines & activity to generate insights.

Subscribe to customized analytics reports, delivered in the format you need at the interval you specify (weekly, monthly, etc).

Intelligence is great, but a list of qualified prospects is better. Get a fresh list of all the people who match your Persona criteria as often as you need.

Mine industry content for qualified prospects

We believe that “you are what you read”, meaning that you can tell a lot about a person -and what they need- by the news and articles they read online.

Our machine learning technology¬†finds, track, and targets your buyers through social media, based on the content they’re actively reading and sharing and drive them to tailored landing pages on your website.

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Discover people reading content relevant to your products and services and deliver them personalized content and offers.

Discover your competitors’ social media audiences and deliver them targeted content and offers based on the content they’re engaged with on social media.

Finding key influencers & decision makers can be difficult, but our technology monitors who’s engaging with content relevant to your business in real time.

Every situation is different but by targeting extremely qualified prospects we’re typically able to reduce Cost Per Acquisition by 10%-30%.

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