What Can MarketChorus Do For You?

Learn how our technology is solving problems for businesses like yours.
Benefits For Creators
  • Automate research with alerts
  • Spot emerging trends early
  • Predict performance on social
  • Analyze competitor content
  • Extract engaged audiences
  • And more…
Benefits For PR Professionals:
  • Monitor brands/competitors
  • Track developing stories
  • Measure thought leadership
  • Discover influencer networks
  • Curate content quickly 
  • And more…
Benefits For Researchers:
  • Find niche content easily
  • Track developing news
  • Collaborate on research
  • Monitor topics & trends
  • Analyze topics & audiences
  • And more…
MarketChorus helps sales teams:
  • Discover engaged prospects
  • Monitor leads and accounts
  • Research industries quickly
  • Drive traffic & leads
  • Nurture leads into opportunities
  • And more…
Benefits For Publishers:
  • Increase reader loyalty
  • Gather emails for marketing
  • Grow digital subscriptions
  • Monetize your audience data
  • Monitor competitor content
  • And more…
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