MarketChorus Engage

Increase Reader Loyalty, Grow Subscriptions & Monetize Your Audience Data

“An industry-wide opportunity to create new revenue.”

- Mike Orren, CPO @ The Dallas Morning News

Engage is an audience engagement and intelligence solution for publishers, built on machine learning technology. Deliver personalized content recommendations to engaged readers by email, Slack, and social media ads. Segment, monetize, and convert your readers into subscribers leveraging your own first-party audience data to gain an advantage.

AI-Powered News Alerts

Grow your email list by offering readers the opportunity to "Follow This Story" and receive alerts when related stories are published.
Deliver push notifications (email & Slack) to engaged readers, increasing return visits and building reader loyalty.
Find out how increased conversions by 75% for their FWDDFW initiative...

Personalized Content Recommendations

Segment your audience by the content they consume and bring them back again and again with targeted advertisements on social networks. Drive traffic to native, sponsorships, and high value content at a fraction of typical advertising costs.

Example Audience Segments

Likely Democratic Voters
High Net Worth Boomers

Monetization & Acquisition

Reach your audience on platforms like Facebook and Google and deliver personalized offers to engaged readers, based on the articles they're reading on your website.
Still have questions? Find more answers in the FAQ…

Still have questions?

Find more answers in the FAQ...