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CMOs On Implementing AI Into Their Martech Stacks

CMOs will have to cope with AI’s impact on content generation, technology advances, regulations, misuses, challenges, effective use cases, and so on, according to Scott Liewehr, CEO of Digital Clarity Group. “CMOs both want it and fear it, overhype it and underestimate it, misuse and abuse it, and on and on,” Liewehr said.

From the article “CMOs Share AI Implementation Successes and Challenges” on CMSWire.

Diving into the waters of any disruptive new technology is bound to rock the boat you jumped from and marketing teams are feeling the choppy waters of disruption as a result.

Make no mistake…AI is the answer to more problems than it is the cause of -but it’s no cure-all for poor process. In fact, weak business processes are bent and broken under the pressure of automation.

Large marketing teams are necessarily less agile than smaller ones and the unpredictable benefits of new technologies do not necessarily outweigh the organizational costs at first.

But the future is coming at us fast regardless, so the question for marketing leaders is not if they should integrate AI but how to do so without creating a negative ripple effect.

“AI’s greatest impact for marketers will be how it elevates us to build better human connections,” SAP’s Tillman said. “When time isn’t spent on repetitive, administrative tasks, that frees up a tremendous share of mind that can be dedicated to the creative solutions and experiences that stand out for customers.

Leveraging AI’s impressive ability to automate repetitive tasks, frees up your employees to focus on the meaningful customer experience oriented activities that create long-term value.

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