65% Of Companies Have Not Seen Business Gains From Their AI Investments

93% of executives worldwide expect to get some value from AI; 65% report that they are not yet seeing value from the AI investments they have made in recent years…

From the article “65% Of Companies Have Not Seen Business Gains From Their AI Investments” in Forbes.

AI adoption is at an all-time high, up 24% from last year, tracking along with the typical hype cycle we’ve come to expect from emerging technologies.

But many businesses are still struggling to get their arms around the technology and integrate it into their business workflows.

These challenges aren’t so much of reflection of the potential of the technology itself as an indication of the level of change required by organizations looking to benefit from AI. Machine learning doesn’t just speed up typical business activities…it can significantly change your processes, and potentially, organizational structure.

To maximize the potential of any investment in AI technology, organizations should assess their goals carefully and consider a phased rollout taken in a sequence of small steps divided by periods of acclimation and optimization.

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