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"An industry-wide opportunity
to create new revenue."

- Mike Orren, CPO, The Dallas Morning News

Engage changes the dynamic between your readers and your content. It delivers readers the opportunity to follow developing news stories at the click of a button, brings your sales team new ways to monetize your audience, and creates hyper-targeted solutions for subscriber acquisition.


Offer readers the opportunity to receive alerts when new stories are published similar to the one they're currently reading. Signing up for alerts requires an email, growing your email marketing list with each click of the "Follow This Story" button.


Alerts notify users whenever new relevant stories are published via email or Slack. This brings them back to your site again and again, increasing reader loyalty, audience data, and your inventory of sellable ad impressions.


Generate valuable 1st-party data while connecting your readers with the news they care about in real-time. Use your privacy-safe reader data to sell ad campaigns on Facebook, Google, and other platforms based on what they've read on your site(s).


Leverage your contextual audience data to deliver personalized subscription offers to your most engaged readers using programmatic or social media ad campaigns.

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Monetize and Subscribe

Create hyper-targeted segments of your audience based on the content they consume on your site. Activate those reader segments on other platforms like Facebook, Google, and others through low-cost, high-margin retargeting campaigns. Monetize these audience segments by selling ad campaigns to your advertisers or leverage them internally to drive subscriber acquisition.



Example Audience Segments

Likely Democratic Voters

High Net Worth Boomers

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