GDPR Will Force Programmatic To Evolve

While I believe that GDPR will end programmatic advertising as we know it, it doesn’t mean that programmatic advertising will fizzle out in 2020, and certainly won’t mean the change should be viewed in a negative light. Instead, it’ll give businesses a better opportunity to get relevant ads to the right people.

From the article “GDPR will force programmatic advertising to evolve in 2020 — and that’s a good thing” on TheNextWeb.

We 100% agree. Ad fraud is down 11% from 2016 but it was still projected to be worth $5.8B in 2019. Programmatic is a broken product and increasingly Facebook Ads are as well. Demand for digital impressions created a gold rush but there’s not much gold to find in those hills.

Ad fraud is supported by bad data based on cookies that tie together questionably-sourced 3rd party data. We’re moving rapidly into a first / zero party data world and the programmatic ad platforms are going to take the biggest hit in this transition.

At MarketChorus we’re excited by how legal innovations like GDPR and CCPA will increasing transparency and accountability. We’re also excited about how this will expedite a shift away from personally identifiable information towards contextual data.

We’re in the business of understanding content, what it means to people, and how they share and engage with the topics and ideas within. Our software helps marketers and publishers mine social media and digital publications for insights into target audiences, competitors, and thought leaders.

All of this data provides very interesting context for what people want to know and the needs they’re trying to address. And that’s why we’ve developed intelligent retargeting solutions that tie context to audiences on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Display.

Contextual data is the next gold rush in digital advertising. Smart marketers and publishers are building their own 1st party data by creating content and gathering retargeting data on their audiences.

Getting ahead of the impending doom of 3rd party PII data will be a critical differentiator in the coming years.

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