Generational Insights Behind Tech Purchases

“It’s no longer safe to assume that the decision maker is the older employee,” said Jill Steinhour, director of high-tech and B2B strategy at Adobe. In fact, she said, 73% of millennials are now part of B2B tech buying committees.

What’s more, Adobe research reveals that 40% of the under 35 cohort are making the final decisions on device, IT infrastructure, and application software purchases, Steinhour said.

From the article “Adobe examines generational insights behind B2B and B2C tech purchases” on TechRepublic.

Despite the never-ending anti-millennial memes and “Millennials are ruining X” type click-bait content being produced to entertain Baby Boomers; this generation is increasingly rising to positions of influence in modern organizations.

Simply put, your next sale is very likely to be subject to the whims and preferences of a millennial audience.

Aging sales strategies that rely on finding key decision-makers atop hierarchical empires will find themselves unable to penetrate the decentralized decisioning processes that are gaining popularity as millennials assert themselves in leadership roles across industries.

This trend is a positive sign for SaaS companies, as the researched feature in this article indicates…

The research found that 83% are paying for subscription content or software, versus 65% of older consumers. “As this digitally native generation continues to gain more buying power, expect the subscription economy to continue to grow.”

Additionally, younger professional audiences continue to demand better mobile utility from the solutions they favor for their organization, expecting to be able to perform even complex functions from their phones.

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