Audience Intelligence

Applying data science to digital advertising

Ad Targeting Isn’t Intelligent

More ad targeting doesn't equal better ad results. Online advertisers are rightly moving from impression-heavy campaigns to more interest based audiences. But the deficiencies of ad platforms — high-level categories, stale data, and vague keywords mean most campaigns are still spray-and-pray. That’s why we built Resonance.

Introducing Resonance

We create real-time custom audiences by understanding people based on what they read and share online.

For Social Ads, Display Ads and Content Marketing


You’re selling soccer apparel and want to grow brand awareness to a soccer-centric audience.


Resonance indexes millions of articles, posts, tweets and other content to find the content most indicative of soccer lovers. Team, tournament, league, and player news are all considered.


Resonance continuously builds an audience of people reading and sharing relevant soccer content in real time.


You target your Resonance audience with an ad campaign that performs better than native targeting, because you've identified real consumers actively showing intent.

Resonance Applies Data Science to Advertising

Real-Time Audiences

Resonance identifies audiences based on attention and real-time interests expressed across social networks and the open web. Because new content is always being published and shared, Resonance audiences are continuously refreshed.

Measures Intent Across the Web

Resonance integrates signals and measures the meaning of what people read and share to determine affinities and find intent. We deliver the people most inclined to connect with your message.

Patented Technology

We’re experts at extracting meaning from content at scale. Our patented core technology uses machine learning and natural language processing to understand entire articles being read. Measuring topics in context is far more meaningful than keywords on a timeline, old profiles, or clicks to a “Like” button.

Results, Not Impressions

For social advertising, display, lead generation or audience analysis, Resonance measures affinities and builds custom audiences that convert. It’s a data-driven approach that let’s you focus on audience quality, not quantity.

Built For

Twitter & Facebook Ads

Custom audiences for targeted social campaigns.

  • Custom audiences personalized for every campaign
  • Audiences built using real-time interests and attention
  • Continuous stream of new audiences
  • Conquesting: target your competitor’s followers

Display Advertising

Create dynamic ad networks (urls and domains) based on real-time trends and high-affinity visitors, available for programmatic buying/DSPs or site-direct.

  • Custom ad networks based on real-time attention and activity
  • Find the most meaningful inventory ranked by social activity, sharing, and expected value
  • Use social indicators to predict traffic to undervalued inventory
  • Access the most relevant trending sites for site-direct or focused buys

Predictive Content Marketing

Find new audiences for your content by having Resonance target people reading and sharing related content -- even if those people have never been to your site.

Predictive Retargeting

Retarget your visitors with content related to what they’ve read in the past. Bring them back by automatically promoting meaningful new content on display, Twitter, or Facebook ads.

A Few of Our Clients

“Using an audience generated by Resonance, we ran a Promoted Tweet campaign that more than doubled the number of leads to Flixster's digital movie store. Compared to standard keyword targeting, we drove 56 percent more leads at nearly half the cost.”

Mili Patel, Director, Direct Marketing at WB Digital, Rotten Tomatoes & Flixster