Creating the Symbiotic AI Workforce of the Future

…to create a symbiotic AI workforce, organizations will need to use human-centered AI processes that motivate workers, retrain them in the context of their workflow, and shift the focus from automation to collaboration between humans and machines.

From “Creating the Symbiotic AI Workforce of the Future” on MIT Sloan Management Review.

This is the crux of the AI controversy…the issue of displaced human laborers. Will artificial intelligence simply replace human workers or will the technology be used to augment and assist them?

At MarketChorus we have a strong opinion on the subject, since we’re building machine learning algorithms to provide publishers and content marketers tools to scale to meet the demands of a digital age.

Any tool can be used in a way that adds value or causes harm. We’ve already seen examples of machine learning algorithms biased by the limits of the data provided by biased human operators.

AI has enormous potential to improve our lives if we, the human operators, recognize the necessity to challenge our assumptions, expand our ways of thinking, and embrace all forms of diversity.

Challenge the assumption that AI is always superior to humans.

We, both the machines and the humans, have a lot to learn from each other…

I highly recommend you read the full article from H. James Wilson of Accenture Research and Paul R. Daugherty of Accenture.

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Source: Creating the Symbiotic AI Workforce of the Future

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