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Terminus Unveils AI-Driven Account-Based Marketing Platform Updates

“The last few years have seen a boom in the amount of intelligence B2B marketers can access about the accounts they’re trying to target. But that data is only as good as your ability to quickly take action on it,” says Brown. “We’re designing a system that automatically ingests all that data, surfaces what’s most relevant, and lets you set up rules to take action on it automatically.”

From the release “Terminus Unveils AI-Driven Account-Based Marketing Platform Updates to Transform Account Targeting and Engagement” on Digital Journal.

Terminus’ recent move to expand their renowned ABM capabilities with AI-powered technology is just another example of the mainstreaming of machine learning technology.

ABM is a big movement in B2B marketing (for good reason) as it focuses on identifying individuals within your prospect organizations which can be motivated to champion your solution internally.

The approach requires an intense level of analysis, strategy, and personalization…a perfect fit for AI.

Read more of what Bryan Brown, chief product officer at Terminus, had to say about their latest platform update at Digital Journal…

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