Use Cases & Ethical Implications of AI in Marketing

“Now, there are companies out there that can help with different aspects of content. Our partners like Phrasee and Persado, for instance, help with subject line. It’s amazing work, but the problem is making this stuff available to everyone. We need to make sure AI is stepping into the content shoes where it’s doing two things:

  • Reducing the burden of content on marketers
  • Properly interacting with the consumers almost like an interface or an intermediary layer which understands the marketers emotion and the consumer emotions.

The question becomes less about the AI, and more about producing content to feed the machine at a one-to-one level.”

Quote from Raj Balasundaram, SVP of Artificial Intelligence at Emarsys, from the article “Understanding Use Cases & the Ethical Implications of AI in Marketing” on CustomerThink.

The emergence of AI into the mainstream has many people grappling with big questions involving ethics, economics, and the future of humanity.

We’re all big fans of science fiction here at MarketChorus, but the fact remains that humanity is still a long way from reaching the human-machine singularity.

The learning machines of today don’t work like Cmdr. Data from the Star Trek Enterprise. Machine learning algorithms are just distributed pieces of software that calculate, analyze, and “predict” outcomes mathematically.

They aren’t scary. They aren’t going to take your job, unless you do a really boring, repetitive job that requires absolutely no creativity or emotional intelligence.

No, artificial intelligence is less like Skynet and more like Google Search. It’s precisely the laborious, redundant activities like mining huge amounts of information for insights that AI is being put to task on today.

As marketers we should be less concerned about the ethics of machine learning and more eager to embrace the efficiencies made possible by algorithms processing data in distributed, cloud-based networks.

The robots still work for us…for now. Just remember to keep your hands on the steering wheel.

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