Examples Of Machine Learning Changing The Ad Game

Already, 95% of advertisers have terabytes upon petabytes of demographic data, including personal data, location information and interests they can use to target prospects they know almost nothing about. Artificial intelligence is a way to tame that data and take it to the next level.

From the article “5 Examples That Show How Machine Learning is Changing Digital Advertising” on Instapage.com.

We’ve come a long way from the introduction of website analytics platforms like Google Analytics.

Marketers once developed entire campaigns before testing their vision on the marketplace, a practice that would be crazy to consider now. Now we A/B test even minor changes and let the data indicate what to do next.

But modern marketers are drowning in information…all too often suffering from “paralysis by analysis”, instead of benefiting from all the data at their disposal.

Machine learning algorithms offer hope to overwhelmed marketers by sifting through data quickly (in the background) and alerting the human operator about anomalies and potential opportunities.

This article discusses 5 different ways that machine  learning is changing how marketers approach their digital advertising campaigns:

  1. Capitalize on unexpected insights
  2. Improve ad creative
  3. Boost contextual relevance
  4. Target more defined segments
  5. Bid more strategically

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