How Moz Grew Blog Traffic by 650% in 2 Years — Organically

We ran each idea through keyword research (via Moz Keyword Explorer and Keyword Planner) and social research (Buzzsumo). This process gave us direction on which messaging resonated with different audiences and how we would distribute our content.

From the article “How We Grew Blog Traffic by 650% in Two Years — Organically” on

A great new post on Moz’s blog discusses a case study in growth hacking that increased traffic to a blog by 650%. 

One of the most notable takeaways from the post, in my opinion, is the application of automated research / content discovery tools to replace typical brainstorm sessions.

This is a trend we talk about frequently on the MarketChorus blog. Content discovery is a big challenge for marketers.

You can’t tell good stories without good data. And it doesn’t do any good to tell stories that have already been told a hundred times before.

Marketers need good, fresh data -or at least a fresh discussion where we can insert ourselves into the digital conversation and add value.

Tools that automate content discovery, by constantly searching in the background and recommending worthwhile content to you, will soon be as invaluable an asset to marketers as reporting software.

This case study shows that potential in cold hard numbers…and I like that.

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