Traackr Unveils New Influencer Discovery Capabilities

Influencer fraud cost brands an estimated $1.3 billion in 2019, and the additional rise in influencer scandals has put pressure on marketers to ensure brand value alignment before collaborating.

From the article “Traackr Unveils New Influencer Discovery Capabilities to Evaluate Audience Quality and Brand Value Alignment” on MarTech Series.

Traacker is trying to tackle one of the most big challenges preventing more companies from pursuing influencer marketing.

Marketers are justifiably suspicious of unvetted influencers due to ongoing issues with fraud and the prevalence of easily manipulated vanity metrics.

According to Traackr, “Audience Quality is calculated with a score, ranged from one to 100, that measures overall quality of an Instagram influencer’s audience. It takes into account suspicious accounts and authentic engagement.”.

Features like this will help marketers identify qualified influencers at a glance, providing a repeatable, trainable process to follow and reducing the likelihood of making costly mistakes.

Best of luck to Traackr. We’ll be watching from the sidelines!

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